How to wear a saree


To look completely stunning in a saree, you will need:

      The saree
      A saree blouse
      A petticoat or an inner skirt

      How to wear a saree

      1. Wear a matching saree blouse and a petticoat. Make sure it fits you perfectly and the blouse ends just below your bust. The petticoat needs to be tied very tightly using a drawstring.

      2. Take one end of the saree and tuck into the left side of the petticoat.Make sure the embroideries on the saree are facing out.

      3. Make a complete turn from the right to left. The lower end of the saree should be slightly above the floor.Tuck in the fabric around the waist into the petticoat neatly.

      4.  Pleat the fabric by winding the cloth from your thumb to your index finger. Make about 4 to 6 pleats. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat while making sure the pleated sides fall right below your navel.

      5. Take the extra saree and make another complete round from right to left. Get hold of the decorative end of the saree (pallu) and pleat the top edges of the pallu. You can even unfold the pleats and drape the pallu over the shoulder if you want the pallu to fall elegantly over your arm.

      6. Secure the pallu with a safety pin from the inside of the blouse and then you are as beautiful as a star!

      If you still find it difficult to wear a saree, Don't worry, we have  a collection of ready made sarees. You just have to wrap it around you and its done. It just takes a minute!





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